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      Health & Well Being

      The physical and emotional health of the girls is a key priority for us. Issues can arise for girls as they grow up, and we are committed to work, not only with the Pastoral Team, but also with specialist professionals to provide the best support. We believe strongly that liaising with girls and parents promotes productive dialogue between home and school.

      We have our own qualified medical manager on site, who deals with emergencies and organises medicals and immunisation schedules in consultation with the NHS. Any girl with an underlying medical condition will have her own individual risk assessment drawn up and communicated to the staff so all are aware of how to respond in an emergency. In addition, we are able to call on the advice of a local GP who acts as a consultant.

      Our school counsellor comes in on a part-time basis. She is highly qualified, and sees girls across the age range within strict confidentiality guidelines. After a girl has been referred, she can sign up for her sessions discreetly, and we work to minimise any impact on teaching and learning.