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      Key Stage 1

      The curriculum in Year 1 and Year 2 builds on the firm foundations and the skills acquired during the Foundation Stage. Based on the National Primary Framework, it is extended in many ways to provide greater opportunities for the girls to experience a broad and fully enriched curriculum.

      Our girls are all nurtured and celebrated as individuals. We encourage them to 'have a go' and have the confidence to take a risk and to learn from their mistakes; all vital life skills.

      Subjects on the curriculum include: English, Maths, Science, French, PSHCE, Music, RE, Gym, Games & Swimming, Art, Drama, Computing and Design Technology. Geography and History are taught through a creative curriculum which inspires even greater enthusiasm and excitement in learning.

      Educational visits and learning outside the classroom

      We often use our beautiful School surroundings for outdoor learning. The girls also have their learning enriched and extended by a range of trips, for example: Windsor Castle, Brighton, the Discovery Look Out Zone, Painshill Park and various theatre trips

      Other Opportunities

      All the girls in Key Stage 1 look forward to performing their annual Christmas Play to their parents and other visitors. They are also very proud to present their regular Parents' Assemblies. Such occasions enable the girls to begin to learn the life skill of having the confidence to stand in front of an audience whilst in a supportive and nurturing atmosphere.

      Contact with parents

      We welcome all contact with parents. Our philosophy is that we are working together as a team with the parents at all times, as we both want the best for their daughter.

      Formal Opportunities

      We hold an Information Evening for parents at the beginning of the School year. This allows parents to meet their daughter's teacher and find out more about the curriculum, the timetable, the things that have been planned and our expectations of the year.

      We hold two Parents' Evenings each year: one in the Autumn term and the other in the Spring term, where parents have an individual appointment with their daughter's teacher to discuss her progress.

      A formal written report is written at the end of the Summer term and will contain comments on progress over the course of the year plus targets for the following year.

      Parents can, of course, make an appointment to speak to a teacher at any time.