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      Vision, values and aims

      Sutton High School is known as a warm, happy and integrated community, where girls support each other to aspire and achieve. Individual and sensitive pastoral care is at the heart of our provision for girls, working in partnership with home and community to build a successful framework for learning. Highly trained and passionate individuals are committed to teaching through a rigorous, innovative and interconnected curriculum and co-curriculum, enabling girls to explore and embrace their unique talents.

      Our vision and ethos are inspired by our values Fortiter, Fideliter, Feliciter.

      Attributes of courage, integrity and confidence are as far-reaching as they are timeless, shaping our purpose in educating every girl to discover her potential in learning, in the workplace and in the wider community.

      As a school, we aim to:

      • initiate passion for learning by promoting independence, creativity and collaboration
      • encourage personal development through assurance, perseverance and reflectiveness preparing girls as individuals
      • develop resilience, self-belief and character, equipping girls for the future
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