Our House System 


Our House System was established in 2009 (our 125th Anniversary year) by our then Head Girl, Alyce Hayes and her team of Sixth Formers. Today, all members of the School belong to one of four Houses – Phyllis Mudford King, Henrietta Stanley, Dora Black and Frances West  – each named after famous women in the school's history. 

Henrietta Stanley (Yellow)

Dora Black (Black)

Frances West (Blue)

Phyllis Mudford King (Green)

At whatever stage pupils join the Senior School, they join a House and as seniors, they register in House-based forms. Where siblings attend the School or a parent, grandparent or other relative is a past pupil, then new pupils will be assigned to the same House.

The House System unites the Senior School in a unique way. House Assemblies help to nurture House spirit and loyalty and all pupils get an opportunity to take responsibility, whether it be forming the House netball  team or contributing to House Assembly. In this way, pupils of all ages work together and benefit from the truly integrated nature of the School.

Performance activities are the main form of inter-House competition, but it is also possible to represent the House in other activities, such as the House Debating Competition. Although competition is often fierce, it is very much the taking part that is important – and even spectators have a valuable role to play in rallying the troops.

The Hayes House Cup is awarded annually, at the end of the Spring Term to the House with the highest number of points.

Dora Black (1894-1986), author, feminist and campaigner, former pupil; granddaughter-in-law of Henrietta Stanley.

Phyllis Mudford King (1905-2006), tennis player, former pupil.

Henrietta Stanley (1807-1895), campaigner for women's education and one of the founders of the GDST; grandmother-in-law of Dora Black.

Frances West (1875-1969), the first SHS pupil known to have attended university (Somerville College, Oxford), and later headmistress of St Winifred's and Raven's Croft schools in Eastbourne.





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