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Do It Together Project at WCPS

3 July 2019

Dr Bartalini continued her mission to raise awareness of single use plastic by creating a 'Baggy' and 'Baguette' at Wimbledon Chase Primary School.


As you may know, Prep and Senior school came together for a Do It Together (DIT) project run by Dr Bartalini with the help of Miss Woodward, Katie S (Prep Liaison Prefect) and Mr Winter and many others. This project was the creation of whale and baby whale: ‘Baggy’ and ‘Baguette’ made entirely from used plastic bags woven on our tennis fence. The aim was to push people to question to throw-away culture we live in and to raise awareness that single use plastic is killing our ecosystems, having an especially devastating effect on marine life.

Last week, Dr Bartalini got in touch with Kate Hampshire from Wimbledon Chase Primary School, who acts as the science coordinator and Eco club leader. They arranged to branch out the project and make a Baggy and a Baguette in WCPS too. With the help of Thea our Year 10 Eco Club member and the children of WCPS last Wednesday a new plastic bag mural was created on their fence. Every child from Nursey to Year 6 keenly got involved with the DIT project, each of them bringing in a used plastic bag from home to contribute to the make-up of the whale and/or the turtle.

Mrs Hampshire said ‘Thank you again, to you and Thea for taking time to come and help us make our own, fantastic, whale and sea creature sculptures. The impact has been amazing, as the message has reached beyond the children, to parents, carers and visitors to the school. So many people have commented on it, and are enjoying it.’

One step at a time, the message is being spread across our local community about the climate change emergency we are living in. Seeing the success of this DIT message we will not stop here; we wish to involve more and more local schools.