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The Week in Prep School

21 May 2021

Purple Pledge Progress

In Prep School our girls have been making pledges of ways they can help the world, and we wanted to share the progress of one of our girls. Khushi's pledge was to do more sports for wellbeing, and she recently ran the 1 Mile Challenge for the YMCA Life Change Fund to support vulnerable and disadvantaged young people. Well done, Khushi! 

Khushi Purple PledgeYear 1: Beebots and Spreadsheets 

In recent Computing lessons Year 1 girls have been using programmable toys and learning about spreadsheets. First, they worked in small groups to program Bee-bot floor robots by giving each one a series of instructions to follow. They created algorithms to move the Bee-bot from one feature to another on special floor mats. The girls had to check their instructions carefully otherwise the Bee-bot didn’t do exactly what they wanted it to do; they then had to correct or debug their algorithms! Next the girls used the 2Calculate program in Purplemash to find out about spreadsheets. Once they had discussed the purpose of spreadsheets for making lists and organising information, they practised inserting different coloured backgrounds, words and clipart images into cells. They also used their spreadsheet for performing simple calculations. Their enthusiasm for learning about technology is impressive!    

Year 1 ComputingNursery: Beanstalks and Butterflies

The Nursery girls have continued to observe and notice changes to things that grow in our topic Beanstalks and Butterflies.  We have been finding out how our caterpillars go through many wildly different stages in their life cycle.  First, we knew that they needed to have plenty to eat as we had read about this in our story The Very Hungry Caterpillar.  Having made sure they had enough food, we observed them develop into fully grown caterpillars.  Then we saw them each transition into a chrysalis. We had to be patient for them to finally emerge as butterflies.  Once they had appeared as butterflies we had to give them a little more time to gain strength before they were able to fly.  Then finally we released them into the wild during our Breathe the Wild Air sessions.  

Nursery Beanstalks and ButterfliesNursery Beanstalks and Butterflies 1Happy Shoes Day

Monday was Happy Shoes Day! Prep School wore shoes that made them the happiest, and thought about our Purple Pledge to create safer, more walkable streets for all:

  • Make Grove Road safer
  • To look after the environment
  • To be nice to neighbours

During Miss Musgrove's Assemblies we have been discussing the dangers of Grove Road and how we can reduce those dangers. 

We looked at the Highway Code and thought how we could apply this to Grove Road:

  • Think of Grove Road as a one-way street
  • No three-point turns
  • No U-turns

We discovered that Mrs Lawton's Grandfather, James Wilson, wrote the first British Highway Code book and was also the very first Chief Driving Test examiner in 1935 and received an OBE for Services to Transport. Just imagine, up until 1935 people were able to drive cars without having to do a test!

Happy Shoes DayYear 5: Science

Year 5 have been working collaboratively on their posters about the life cycle of the Frog, Bumblebee and Blue Tit in their science lessons:

Year 5 ScienceYear 3 Mummfication

Our Year 3s have been learning all about mummification:

Year 3 Mummification