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English Week

24 May 2021

Last week we celebrated English week.  There was a particular focus on what we are all reading; students and teachers alike took part in a number of activities.  One of the highlights was the “Shelfie Competition”.  Students (and teachers) had to guess which bookshelf belonged to a member of staff.  Some bookshelves were easier to identify than others; the 11 books of Pride and Prejudice was an easy give away.  We are still collating the results of the Bumper Reading Survey and we will use the data to analyse the reading habits of students. 

Shelfies Collage
Finally, we had over 40 entries to develop a collective response to writing a story, with the word “suddenly” throwing open the challenge to the next writer.  Below is an example of the strangeness of the story:

A giant squid swam up to me and started talking about art but suddenly… I remembered I was Picasso's daughter and I jumped through the ice and became Tinkerbell.  But suddenly...a gluttonous fairy-eating goblin, ripped me from the air with ravenous claws. I thought I was going to die until...