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Languages: Pen Pal Letters

11 June 2021

In November we held an exciting Reading Week project, where all our pupils in Years 7-10 wrote long, inspiring letters about life at Sutton High School.  These were sent to named pupils in Austria, France, Germany and Spain.  These letters gave a wonderful picture of life in our school community during Coronavirus lockdown, and we have been full of anticipation to receive the replies from our counterparts abroad.  Most of these have finally come back from the European schools and it was a huge joy to read about the lives of pupils abroad, especially to see how they differ from ours. 

Take a read of some of the replies here

Many pupils in Austria, for example, mention spending their free time skiing, which they could still do during lockdown, and we were amazed to see a photo of a large igloo which a pupil had built in his garden.  Our pupils were extremely impressed by the level of English from the Spanish students, and they were surprised to read that in the Spanish school only half the class is in at once, so they are on a rota system, to keep social distancing. The standard of English in the French letters also surprised the girls. One Year 8 SHS girl commented on the “amazing structures and vocabulary” the French pupils were able to produce. Many of the French pupils commented on how much they missed school and felt quite bored at home, although they had been able to go on hikes in the beautiful countryside around the school. They seemed very happy to have English pen pals.

Sandie Fillingham, Marie Brandon and Sarah Thomas