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Period Positivity

28 April 2022

In PSR year 8 have been exploring period positivity, what it means and how we can become a period positive community and help eradicate period poverty. In groups they have been creating campaigns to support period positivity, presenting lessons for young girls, boys and parents about periods, writing letters to the governement and period product companies for free period products in the England, baking cakes and supporting exisiting charities, creating games and quizs to educate and support one another. This is one group from 8DE’s speech that eloquently explains period positivity:


How many of you in the audience have already shuddered? Why does it make you moan in discomfort? When did you first learn about them? What makes us all hate the idea of periods?

The dietary, nervous and circulatory systems are all taught from a young age and normalised. The menstrual system is another part of the human body but what happens when it is talked about? Shunned. Ignored. Mocked. This aversion to periods actually harms bleeders as if they need help or want to discuss the topic they are forced to stay silent out of fear of embarrassment or social mockery. This then leads to incorrect information being spread, lost work time due to staying at home, bullying or rumours being spread about a reader and much more.

Our aim is to spread awareness of periods in period poverty areas. You may be asking what is period poverty and positivity so let us explain. Period poverty is the lack of information, awareness and/or free sanitation products for bleeders. Period positivity isn't being happy that you are having a period, it is supporting and helping bleeders and not being ashamed of the natural process of periods.
When you buy our donuts, each and every penny will be donated to a charity called "Freedom for Girls" which gives free period products to those who cannot afford it. When you buy, you help millions of bleeders in the world."

 Period Positivity 2

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