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The Week in Prep School

29 April 2022

Nursery: Sutton Library

In the learning area of Understanding the World, and in re-establishing links with the local community, the Nursery girls have been on a visit to the Sutton Library. It was great to have some Nursery parents come along too. In advance of their visit the girls all worked hard in creating some lovely pieces of Artwork to put on display in the library. During their visit, the girls were very proud to see their Artwork displayed and talked about what they had each made. They had great fun finding out about the different facilities they can use in the library, listened to stories, and were treated to a great song and rhyme session with musical accompaniment from the library staff. The girls were able to join the library and look forward to spending more time there in the future. 

Nursery Sutton Library 2022Year 5: Journey

This week, we have drawn our attention towards the theme ‘Journey’, reflecting on our own journeys as we embark on the final term of Year 5. Aaron Becker’s book ‘Journey’ has been the focus of our Art and Design lessons, where we have analysed the illustrations of the book and attempted to replicate the style with our own. We have also used the picture book in our English lessons. The lack of words has allowed us to access the story on a deeper level by questioning the symbolism within the images. We have been writing the story to accompany the illustrations.

Year 5 Journey

Year 1: Butterflies and VR

We have had a really lovely two weeks in Year 1 since returning from the Easter Holidays.  We have been busy in Art practising watercolour washes using the wet on wet technique and designing intricate patterns to decorate the wings of butterflies. We looked carefully at different types of butterflies first and all the amazing colours and patterns that make up the wings. We talked about symmetry and what it means to reflect an image. We folded paper and cut out shapes to experiment with symmetry and see what happens. It was a good opportunity to practise cutting skills too! 

We have also been using the VR headsets to explore the sea life underwater. We are learning about the coastline and the features that we might find.  We have talked about rockpools and what might be living in one if we take a closer look.  The VR headset took us underwater and up close with many different sea creatures and plants.  There was quite a large crab but we were all so brave!

Year 1 ButterfliesYear 1 VR