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Student Space Technology specialist speakers inspire at Avenue House

19 May 2022

Last Friday, Sophie and Kiyara, 2022 GDST Space Technology Programme Alumni from Sutton High School, were invited as guest Space Technology specialist speakers to present a segment on the James Webb Space Telescope during Avenue House Preparatory School's Science Week celebration assembly.

Following annual study on the GDST programme, hosted by Sutton High School, their segment additionally demonstrated to the students the workings of the telescope's MIRI infrared scientific instrument, via a specialised Python programming language-based reduction. Their presentation and Q & A afterwards offered the students valuable insight into senior secondary level computer programming, towards career preparations for today's real-life space sector, and the girls received praise for making tricky scientific concepts fun and accessible to the preparatory student audience moving into secondary years. They received positive feedback from the Headmaster of the school: 

"Thank you for organising such an intriguing presentation for Years 5 and 6. The children, and staff, were thoroughly enthralled by the project. It is amazing what your students are working on, and it provides our children with achievable aspirations not too far ahead in their education, and beyond.
Please provide Kiyara and Sophie with a huge well done and thank you from all at Avenue House. They presented very professionally, with amazing knowledge to back it up."

Conall Chivers, Headmaster - Avenue House School

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