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Mrs Dawson's letter featured in The Times

11 November 2022


Sir, The study by academics discussed in “Power of old girls’ network: 12 private schools rule Who’s Who list” is outdated and out of touch with the ambitions of young women today. Assessing positions of power by virtue of inclusion in Who’s Who is hardly a way to examine the success of a school’s alumnae or the success of women. Instead we should surely focus on those who have aspired to make meaningful and beneficial change to society. I prefer to inspire our girls with examples of women who have left our school and gone on to make a difference in the world, not always following a traditional academic path: people such as Dr Nikki Kanani, who led the Covid-19 vaccine programme in general practice, Marianna Spring, the BBC’s first ever disinformation correspondent, and Ruby Steel, a trailblazer in inclusive design.

Girls’ schools today nurture future leaders and change-makers whose influence has yet to be discovered but will be far-reaching. By contrast, Who’s Who allows for self-nomination and was initially established in 1857 to list those with inherited prominence in society. How short-sighted for this study to limit the myriad achievements of women to those listed there.

Beth Dawson
Head, Sutton High School, GDST