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The Week in Prep

23 November 2022


This week, Reception enjoyed using the virtual reality sets. They were amazed to be able to see some of the sights of London including the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Then they travelled into the cellar of the Houses of Parliament and back in time to see what it might have looked like to Guy Fawkes. They also enjoyed a fabulous firework display - all whilst sitting in the classroom!

The week in prep vr november 2022

Year 2

The Nativity Story is a story that tells of the birth of Jesus Christ. Throughout the many centuries of Christianity, the Christmas Story has developed into a much loved yearly tradition and is central to the celebration of Christmas in the Christian faith.

In Year 2 at Sutton Prep we have begun our rehearsals in earnest preparing for the show with Year 1 in a couple of weeks. It really is beginning to feel a lot like Christmas as we sing our hearts out, prepare our lines and gather our clean T-towels for our costumes. This year we have chosen ‘A Midwife Crisis’ which is warm and funny with a delightful message which will have the audience reaching for their handkerchiefs. We can’t wait to share it with you.

nativity the week in prep november 2022

Year 4

Year 4 have been finding out how electricity is made. They acted out how electrons flow around a circuit to light the bulb. Here they are in action.

The week in prep november 2022

Year 6

On Thursday 3rd November 2022, Year 6 had an exciting trip to Wakehurst, a botanical garden in the heart of Sussex. Wakehurst is a wild botanical garden home to The Millennium Seed Bank, a collection of more than 2.4 billion seeds from across the world, over 500 acres of diverse nature and an abundance of wildlife.

As soon as we got off the coach, we were greeted with the fresh wild air wrapping us in a brisk embrace. Despite the drizzle of rain patting on our coats, we made our way to the lab for our first activity. We learnt about different parts of flowers and their uses, and investigated the ovary and ovules with a microscope.

Afterwards, we ventured into the depths and beauty of this landscape on a nature trail around the garden. We explored the wildlife and plants, and learnt a lot about how plants adapt to their environment. We also found out that a yew tree in front of the Wakehurst Mansion (built in the Elizabethan Era) dates back to 600 years ago!

Our final activity was to ‘invent’ a new plant and use natural materials collected from the garden to create a model of it, thinking about how it adapts to its environment We had a lot of fun creating one and sharing our ideas with others.

The trip to Wakehurst was very enjoyable we and we certainly did ‘Breathe the Wild Air’!

By Jaycie C, Year 6

Year 6 wakehurst the week in prep