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Year 7 Kaleidoscope: My Place, past, present and future

17 October 2019

Wednesday afternoon saw the exciting conclusion of the first Y7 Kaleidoscope programme – ‘My Place, past, present and future’.  The girls have had a tour of the school with our Archivist extraordinaire Mrs Sue James, a trip into Sutton to survey its facilities and amenities and a talk at St Nicholas’s Church with its new reverend, Frances Arnold.


The girls worked in House groups to make a display and present their collective ideas in the Lee Hall. Mrs James, Reverend Frances, teachers from across the Senior school and Y12 students came to see the models, posters, films, slide shows and scroll made by the talented Y7 Humanities pupils. Both Mrs James and Rev. Frances commented on how confident and knowledgeable the girls were.

At the end the girls were able to vote for the group that they thought had produced the best work and they also had sage advice for group work. Some of which included making sure that you don’t leave things until the last minute, organising your group with individual tasks, communicating with each other before the final presentation and try and think outside the box. When I asked Sofia L S what she had learnt from My Place she told me: ‘I have realised how Sutton works as a community and how we all rely on each other for everything to work.’


The results of the votes will be revealed and the winners announced after Half Term!

Mrs J Speck