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Magical Mathematics

18 October 2019

On Monday 7 October we had Zoe Griffiths in to talk to Year 7, 8 and 9 about 'Mathematical Magic'. Some girls from Year 7 have written about how much they enjoyed the day.


Jasmine, Edie and Erin 7PMG

Zoe showed us lots of tricks and inspired us to enjoy learning maths even more.  The card tricks were very cool and exciting. They taught us quick maths and really got our brains working. She started off with a trick in which she hid cards around the hall and tricked us. We then had to try and work out what exactly had happened, which challenged us to try harder when working out the possibilities behind actions.


Kaniha K 7PMG

When Zoe came to do the maths workshop with us, I was excited as I always liked magic tricks that when explained we can say ‘aaaah’ when we learn the outcome.  Zoe showed us many tricks but one that stood out to me was the trick where Zoe guessed what card we has seen out of three piles. She showed us three times, each time she was correct. Once she explained to us how it worked, everyone was in awe. This inspired me to try some of these tricks at home and in school. They worked! When I heard my peers saying ‘how?’ and ‘why?, I felt triumphant.


Rebecca, Isabel, Emilyna and Sama

Our favourite trick was the card trick in which she would shuffle all the cards and by the end she would have found the card that we had originally seen. After, she gave us some time to try the trick for ourselves and everyone eventually succeeded.

We would like to thank Zoe Griffiths for coming into Sutton High School and sharing all her fun and entertaining magic tricks with us. Thank you!