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Nursery Why Us

Why us?

We know there's a lot to think about when you're choosing a Nursery for your daughter. What sets Sutton High Nursery apart?

A day in the life nursery

A day in the life

My name is Sienna and I'm going to tell you all about what happens in my day at Nursery and why I love it here!

Stepping up to Reception

Stepping Up to Reception

We give our girls the best headstart so that they feel confident when moving up to Reception

Nursery in Action

Nursery in Action

Get a real feel for what our Nursery girls get up to in this short action-packed highlights video.

nursery fees and funding

Fees and Funding

Find out about our fees and funding for Nursery girls

Breathe the wild air final 2023

Breathe the Wild Air

Find out all about Outdoor Learning at Sutton High Nursery

Nursery resources


Find all the resources you need for Nursery at Sutton High