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      Fees per term for 2018/2019 
      Nursery £3,365 (full-time equivalent)
      Reception to Year 6 £4,420
      Senior School and Sixth Form  £5,681

      Reduced fees for Reception from September 2019

      From September 2019 we are reducing the cost of fees for Reception to £11,500 per year (£3,833 per term).

      These reduced fees will be “rolled out” to include Reception and Year 1 from September 2020, and then Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 from September 2021. Therefore, a girl joining Reception in September 2019 will benefit from the reduced fees until she goes into Year 3.

      Free entitlement funding

      Currently all qualifying girls in Nursery are eligible for the universal government grant, covering 15 hours of education. This is automatically deducted from fees.

      Nursery attendance

      In the academic year that girls turn three they have to attend a minimum of three sessions per week.

      In the academic year that girls turn four they have to attend a minimum of six sessions per week.

      A session is either a morning or afternoon. Lunch is only available to those who stay all day.

      What’s included?

      Fees cover the regular curriculum, school books, examination entry (not re-sits), stationery and other materials.

      School lunches

      Fees do not include school lunches. School lunches are mandatory for all girls in Reception to Year 11 (inclusive).

      School lunches for Nursery to Year 4 cost £216 per term. For Nursery, this cost is charged on a pro rata basis because not all girls stay for lunch every day.

      Lunches for Year 5 and above cost £226 per term.

      Payment of fees

      Fees may be paid annually or termly in advance, or by monthly instalments (four per term). All fees must be paid by direct debit. The GDST also offers a prepaid scheme for which details are available on request.

      Entrance registration fee and deposit

      A non-refundable registration fee of £100 (£150 for overseas candidates) is charged for taking the entrance examination/assessment and is not transferable from one entrance year or sibling. A deposit of £1,000 is charged on the acceptance of a place and will be retained until the pupil leaves the school. The deposit will not be refunded if the place is not taken up.

      The Girls' Day School Trust aims to provide a high quality education at a competitive cost. As one of 23 GDST schools, the largest group of independent schools in the UK, we are able to benefit from economies of scale and to provide cost-effective central services. As a result, our fees compare very favourably with other independent schools and include many items which other schools charge as "extras", such as public examination fees, personal accident insurance, textbooks and external careers advice. The GDST also sponsors two academies.