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A girl who’s fiercely independent is a girl who believes in herself…

…and inspires others with that belief.

A girl who’s ready to discover what she wants…

…and then goes to get it.

A girl who feels that her words carry weight…

…and who’s determined to be heard.

We are Sutton High School and we are fiercely independent…

…just like our girls.

That’s why we tailor what we do, and how we do it…

…to their needs, personalities and dreams.

Offering unparalleled individual support and attention, with small classes and a bold spirit…

…right in the heart of Sutton

Small classes, big support,
real results.

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Tailoring your daughter’s pathway to her unique talents will drive her to achieve her personal best – all the way through from 3 to 18.

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…ISI rated ‘Excellent’ across all categories