We have a team of specialist, expert staff who ensure that all our students maximise their potential, both inside the classroom and beyond. They know and celebrate our girls as individuals, love their work and teach with joy.

Senior Leadership Team

Head of Senior: Mrs B Dawson
Deputy Head: Pastoral – Ms E Clark
Deputy Head: Academic – Dr S Lawlor-Price
Head of Prep – Miss A Musgrove  
Deputy Head of Prep – Ms B Ashton
Director of Finance & Operations – Mr N McMahon
Director of Marketing & Communications – Mrs L James
Estates Manager – Mr D Vickery

School Governing Board

Mrs E Berner
Dr C Laverick
Mrs E Broers
Mrs C Clarke
Dr P Patel
Mr W Rogers
Mrs J Santinon
Mrs C Sallabank
Mrs N Khan

Senior School Leadership Group

Assistant Head: Sixth Form –  Mrs H Harvey
Head of Wellbeing (Years 9-11) –  Ms J Dixon
Head of Wellbeing (Years 7 and 8) – Miss S Manser
Head of Neurodiversity – Mrs S Quaglieri
Director of Digital and Innovation – Mrs L Durrant
Director of Studies – Mrs R Brown
Director of Enrichment and Partnerships – Mr B Essenhigh

Head of Years

Ms H Patterson – Head of Year 11
Mrs L Worrall – Head of Year 10  
Ms M Brandon – Head of Year 9  
Ms L Karim – Head of Year 8    
Mrs A Drewniak-Davis – Lead Tutor for Year 7
Miss S Manser  – Head of Year 7      

Senior School

Bold denotes Head of Department or Teacher In Charge

Miss R Abbott – History
Ruth Threlfall – History
Mrs F Ahmed – Science
Ms L Alexander – Geography
Ms E Aston – Politics & Sociology
Ms A Baboolall – Computer Science
Ms N Bhogal – Mathematics
Mr M Bilyk – Politics and Sociology
Mr J Birtles – PE
Miss M Brandon – Modern Foreign Languages – Spanish
Ms H Broadhurst – Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
Ms N Buttigieg – Computer Science
Mrs S Cartwright – Art
Mr A Chadwick – Classics
Mrs C Chamberlain – Geography
Ms E Clark – Economics
Miss M Coslett – English
Ms B Dai – Computer Science
Mrs B Dawson – CHIMe
Ms J Dixon – English
Mrs A Drewniak-Davis – EAL, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Miss Z Dunn – Mathematics
Mrs L Durrant – Computer Science
Ms S Fillingham – Modern Foreign Languages – German
Ms C Fitzgerald – Second in English
Mrs K de Florimonte – Mathematics
Mr P Grant – Design Technology
Mrs L Hakim – Mathematics
Mr J Hargraves – Music
Mrs H Harvey – English
Ms A Hatchwell – Geography
Miss L Hill – Physical Education
Mrs A Jenkins – Biology
Dr P Johonnett – Combined Science – Chemistry
Mrs S Knight – Second in Mathematics
Ms L Karim – Psychology
Mrs S Lawlor – Modern Foreign Languages – French (Acting)
Dr S Lawlor-Price – Chemistry
Mrs L Lenaghan – Careers
Ms R Lee – PE and Dance
Mrs A Lian – Mathematics
Mrs A Lim – Chemistry
Miss H Lowe – Music
Mrs S Mannix – Design  Art
Ms S Manser – Physical Education
Mrs E Marange – Science
Ms C Midmore – English
Mrs J Mitchell – English
Ms S Mir – Biology
Mrs F Morley – Swimming
Miss J Needs – English and Sociology
Ms S Norman – Design Technology, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion
Ms H Patterson – PSR
Miss J Pearson – Physics
Mrs B Proia – Economics and Business Studies
Mrs S Quaglieri – Head of Neurodiversity
Ms F Ratnaraj – Biology
Miss L Read – PE
Mr T Remke – PE
Miss H Roberts – Psychology
Mrs A Sawney – Drama
Mrs L Sharp – Drama
Mrs L Shelton – Business Studies
Ms T Sivakumar – Maths
Mr N Smith – Modern Foreign Languages – Mandarin
Mrs A Southgate – English
Mrs S Stella – Philosophy, Religion and Ethics
Mr C Stone – Physics
Dr P Sundt – Classics and Modern Foreign Languages
Miss S Tang Wah – Design Technology
Miss D Toner – Drama
Mrs S Thomas – Modern Foreign Languages (Acting)
Mr J Unwin – History
Mrs E Vernon – German
Mrs W Wainwright – Mathematics
Mr C Wheeldon – Physics
Mr J-P Winter – Art and Photography
Mrs L Worrall – English
Mrs E Wright – Chemistry

Prep School

Leadership team

Head of Prep School – Miss A Musgrove
Assistant Head: Pastoral – Ms M McHenry
Assistant Head: Logistics and Assessment – Mrs E Ruiz
EYFS Coordinator – Mrs C van Lierop
Director of Enrichment and Partnerships – Miss R Hargraves
Director of Pupil Progress – Mrs P Guist
STEM Lead – Mr J Rodrigues

Teaching Staff

Mrs S Capon – SENCO
Ms B Ashton – Year 3
Ms L Dean – Music and Year 3
Mrs A Donald – Year 6
Miss K Faulkner – Year 2
Mrs N Gunn – Explorers, Year 5
Miss A Grant – Year 6
Mrs J Grante – Nursery
Miss R Hargrave – Physical Education
Mrs P Guist – Year and 4, Lower KS2
Mrs T Hill – Year 2
Mrs L John – Music
Mrs K Lawton – Year 5
Ms S Mak – Year 4
Ms M Mchenry – Year 3
Mrs L McLeod – Year 4, English and Literacy
Mrs M Peart-Smith – Year 1
Mrs R Rangarajan – Year 4
Mr J Rodrigues – Reception, STEM
Mrs E Ruiz – Year 6, Upper KS2
Mrs D Slater – Year 5
Mrs R White – Reception
Ms C van Lierop – Nursery
Mrs R Sewell – Year 5, Modern Foreign Languages

Teaching support staff

Mrs H Awan – Science Technician
Mrs F Amatrudo – Learning Assistant Prep School
Miss E Armitage – Art Technician
Mrs K Bell – Cover Supervisor & Administrator, Prep School
Mrs S Brown – Welfare Officer
Mrs J Bruce Learning Assistant – Prep School
Mrs A Brightwell – Learning Assistant – Senior School
Miss L Bruno – Science Technician
Mrs V Carpenter – Lunchtime Supervisor Team Leader, Explorers
Mrs T Childs – Learning Assistant – Prep School
Miss M Coslett – Learning Assistant – Senior
Mrs D Cox – Learning Resources Manager & Cover Supervisor
Ms S Crous – Learning Assistant – Senior
Ms R Davies – Head of School Counselling
Mrs C Devia-Lozano – Spanish Language Assistant
Mrs P Dodah – Learning Assistant – Prep School
Mrs H Dukes – Emotional Literacy Support Assistant
Mrs A Fincher Jones – Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Hetherington – Learning Support Teaching Assistant – Senior School
Mr W Hoar – Performing Arts Technician
Mr R Martin – DT Technician
Mr T McDowell – Learning Assistant – Prep School
Mrs T Moreira – Lunchtime Supervisor & Care Assistant
TBC – German Language Assistant
Mrs S Phillips – Welfare Officer
Miss V Rajewski – Lead STEM Technician & STEM Coordinator
Miss A Roul – French Language Assistant
Mrs A Spray – Lead Learning Assistant – Prep School
Miss S Teixeira – Learning Resources Assistant and Cover Supervisor – Senior School
Mrs F Upson – Learning Resources Assistant and Cover Supervisor – Senior School
Mrs Vijayalakshmi Thillai Villagam Rajagopalan – Science Technician
Mrs G Warren – Lunchtime Supervisor

Administrative staff

Mr Y Ahmed – Minibus Driver
Mrs I Asokkumar – Data Director
Mr S Barry – Caretaker
Miss S Bennett – Marketing Executive
Ms D Bell – Cleaner
Ms L Bowry – Examinations Officer
Ms K Charles – Receptionist
Ms S Claydon – HR Officer & Transport Manager
Mr J Clements – Minibus Driver
Miss L Clinkscales – Pastoral Administrator & Attendance Officer
Mrs R Collins – Receptionist – Prep School
Miss A Danilowska – Cleaner
Mr M Darby – Minibus Driver
Mr M Ella – Minibus Driver
Ms E Elliott – Head of External Relations
Mrs M Fernandes – Data Officer & Administrator
Mr A Geunoun – Minibus Driver
Ms J Gould – Cleaner
Mrs S Glover – Administrative Officer & Receptionist
Miss L Grant – Cleaner
Mrs A Griffin – Finance Manager
Miss C Hayward – PA to Head
Ms T Heprburn – Cleaner
Ms K Hines – Finance and HR Assistant
Mr C Hodge – Caretaker
Mr L Howlett – ICT Manager
Mrs D Izzard – Senior Administrator
Mr S King – Cleaner
Miss A Marcar – Cleaner
Miss J Masters – Minibus Driver
Mrs E Makosza – Cleaner
Mrs L Markova – Cleaner
Miss L Moss – Cleaner
Mr K McPherson – Senior ICT Technician
Mr R McWilliams – Cleaner
Mrs R Mir – Head’s PA (Prep)
Mr P Mortimer – Minibus Driver
Mr B O’Keefe – ICT Technician
Ms H Oloyede-Adelekan – Cleaner
Mrs Y Omar – Cleaner
Mrs J Pang – Cleaner
Mrs L Saverino – Data Officer
W Sadler – Cleaner
Mr M Shazad – Cleaner
Ms A Smith – HR & Compliance Manager
Mr R Smyk – Senior Caretaker
Mr C Stoddart – Minibus Driver
Mrs G Stubbs – Admissions Officer – Prep
Mr P Traish – Day Cleaner
Mr D Vickery – Estates Manager
Mr D Wait – Caretaker
Mrs E White – Receptionist- Senior
Mrs J White – Registrar

Our values

With courage, with truth, with joy. We have been educating and inspiring girls for over 135 years. In that time, we have developed a strong sense of who we are and what we stand for.

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