GCSE Results 2023

Pupils celebrated a superb set of GCSE results this year, with half of all grades at an A* and three-quarters at A*/A.

In the year where results were due to return to 2019 levels, our girls exceeded 2019 results and we are incredibly proud of them.

Value Added

Our most important examination statistic is for ‘Value Added’. This is the measure of improvement that our pupils make from joining the school in Year 7 to achieving their GCSE results. We admit girls with a wide range of ability to Sutton High School, and we challenge them to achieve their own personal best.

On their first day of Year 7, all pupils (across the country) take a baseline test which uses statistical analysis to predict, based on their ability scores, the results they have the potential to obtain for GCSE. A school’s ‘Value Added’ score is the difference between these initial predictions of potential and the actual results obtained by pupils for GCSE.

At Sutton High this score is high, meaning that, on average, girls here attain 1 grade higher, in every subject, than their ability score on entry to our school and pupils with Additional Learning Needs do even better on average. As an example, in French, our ‘Value Added’ score is 2.4, meaning that a pupil arriving at Sutton High School with a prediction of a 6 in French, is likely to attain an 8 or above at GCSE. This is referred to as the value we add, through teaching and through the education we offer. We believe this reflects the dedicated work of our pupils and the excellent, personalised support they are given by our staff.

A Level Results 2023

With over two-thirds of grades at A*-B and a 93% at A*-C (national average 75%), our Year 13 will now be able to move on to the prestigious destinations across the UK, with 80% achieving offers from their chosen universities.

(In alphabetical order by course title)

  • Biology at Nottingham
  • Biomedical Sciences at King’s College, London
  • Biomedical Sciences at Queen Mary’s, London
  • Business Management at Goldsmiths
  • Commercial Management and Quantity Surveying at Loughborough
  • Criminology at Birmingham
  • Design at Loughborough
  • Design for Performance at the Royal Welsh Conservatoire
  • Design, Innovation and Creative Engineering at King’s College, London
  • Economics at Southampton
  • English at Cambridge
  • Equine Behaviour, Health and Welfare at Nottingham Trent
  • Film-Making at Bristol, UWE
  • Finance at City
  • Finance and Business at Sussex
  • International Relations at Royal Holloway, London
  • Linguistics and Philosophy at Nottingham Trent
  • Mathematics with Management and Finance at King’s College, London
  • Medicine at Keele
  • Medicine at Thessaloniki Medical School, Greece
  • Midwifery at Surrey
  • Music at Sheffield
  • Physics at Surrey
  • Politics and International Relations at Southampton
  • Politics, Philosophy and Economics (PPE) at Queen’s, Belfast
  • Politics and Sociology at Newcastle
  • Psychology at Chichester
  • Psychology at Loughborough
  • Psychology at Oxford Brookes
  • Veterinary Bioscience at Harper Adams

A Level Results 2023

A*-B Grades: 67%
A*-C Grades: 93%
A*-E Grades: 100%

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