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Beth Dawson 2021

Head's welcome

I am delighted to welcome you to Sutton High School. We combine joyful learning, outstanding academic results and excellence in pastoral care.

Manifesto and Strategy

Our Manifesto and Strategy

We have been educating and inspiring girls for over 139 years. In that time, we have developed a strong sense of who we are and what we stand for.

Miss Duirs with girls

Our pioneering history

We are part of a pioneering movement that started nearly 150 years ago. Together with our sister GDST schools, we defied Victorian attitudes to women by providing a rigorous academic curriculum for local girls.

GDST nationwide


We are proud to be part of the Girls' Day School Trust, a family of 25 schools across England and Wales.

Exam results 2023

Examination results

Our entirely bespoke curriculum enables every individual girl to maximise her potential in public examinations. We are proud of our students and our teachers for achieving outstanding results year after year. 

Our flexible minibus service

Getting to school

It's easy to get to Sutton High School. We have our own flexible local minibus service, a network of extensive public transport links and plenty of parking nearby.

Why all girls 2022

Why All Girls?

Find out about the benefits of an all-girls education

GDST Space Tech

GDST Space Tech

Hosted by Sutton High School and managed across multiple participating GDST Computer Science departments.

tedx banner 2


The principal aim of our Free to be me TEDx was to look at ways we can encourage our girls to express themselves and be their authentic selves.