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Examination results

Our entirely bespoke curriculum enables every individual girl to maximise her potential in public examinations. We are proud of our students and our teachers for achieving outstanding results year after year. 

A-level results 2018

A-level results 2018

At A-level our girls are rewarded with the results they need to pursue the next stage of their education and their dreams. 

In 2018, students secured places on an enormously diverse range of courses all the way from A-Z:

  • Astrophysics at Queen Mary University of London
  • Business Management at King’s College London
  • Computer Science at the University of Cambridge
  • Dentistry at Queen Mary University of London
  • Economics at the University of York
  • French and History at the University of Exeter
  • Right the way down to Zoology at the University of Bristol

Sutton High’s first ever A-level Computer Science results were 100% A*-A, and the majority of girls in the cohort have gone on to study the subject at university: Rebecca Tyson is attending the University of Cambridge, Jimin Park is at Imperial College London and Madeleine Waller is a King’s College London student.

As well as Computer Science, there were also straight A*-A grades in Art, French and Religious Studies. In Mathematics, the most popular A-level taken at Sutton High, 69% of grades were A*-A.

GCSE results 2018

GCSE results 2018

Our GCSE students are taking advantage of the new numbered grading system to test high-achieving students.

In 2018's examinations, 21% of all our grades were level 9, which is the best possible mark candidates can achieve. Nationally, only around 4% of GCSE entries were graded level 9. The new level 9 enables more differentiation between the most able pupils, going beyond the traditional A* grade.

Three girls in our 2018 cohort even gained straight level 9s and A*s, a considerable achievement given that only 732 pupils across the whole of England scored a clean sweep of level 9s.

I congratulate all our students and staff for their excellent results. Our aim is for girls to learn with joy every day and attain the academic success needed to pursue their dreams, whatever they might be.

Mrs Crouch, Headmistress