Super Sonnet Student

Last term in Year 7 English students learned about poetry through the ages and were asked to write their own sonnets. Chloe K produced an incredible poem about a mint plant using the sonnet form impressively and creating beautiful imagery. Well done Chloe!

Have a read below and be inspired…

My Mint Plant Friend

Her furry coat covers her dainty leaves
She clasps my hand and smiles pleasantly
Her green body exhales and I receive
A minty aroma that smells heavenly
She glistens with dew in the morning light
Not upset when sodden from head to toe
She shakes carefully, beauty aglow
In the gentle breeze, she sways and dances
Elegance that cannot be achieved by most
Her arms spread and fold, putting me in trances
Movements smooth with no trace of a boast
Just as long as I can see and remember
You will stay with me forever,

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