Award Success for Year 12 Kiyara W in STEM Computer Science at SHS

We are delighted to announce that Kiyara W in Year 12 has been awarded a Runner-Up prize in the age 15-18 category of the 2023 Amazon Future Engineer Alexa Young Innovator Challenge!

This initiative has been launched to inspire young people to design and code the algorithm for an Amazon Alexa artificial intelligence automation skill, that has the power to change the world around them. Kiyara has won a £250 gift card for herself and an additional £500 for Sutton High School for her submission effort, which involved generating a facility for student users to approach travel to school each day using the ‘greenest’ and most sustainable route, whilst also considering whether they will arrive to school on time.

In addition to this challenge during the Spring term, Kiyara also actively participated in the 2022/2023 Dyson Empowered Females in STEM Programme, an extended programme throughout the year involving trips to Amazon HQ, that aims to educate, enable and empower young women and non-binary people to pursue a fulfilling STEM career. The national event is sponsored by global STEM companies, including Pfizer; Facebook; Google; BP; Dyson; Salesforce; L’Oréal; Citrix; Colt; GE and UCB. Very well done to Kiyara and many congratulations on her persistence and success toward extra-curricular STEM this academic year!

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