BEBRAS Computing Challenge 2023

Students across Year 7 to A Level at Sutton High School have once again had the opportunity to participate in the annual UK BEBRAS Challenge, focusing on computational and logical thinking. The online challenge is organised by Oxford University, in partnership with the Raspberry Pi Foundation for students in over 50 countries. In addition to achievers of Merit and Distinction level in each year group, students who have achieved the highest scores within their age group should be congratulated for receiving Best in School awards. Sutton High School 2023 Best in School award winners are Narthana Venukoban (Juniors, 10-12), Claudia Brown (Intermediates, 12-14), Hayley Luk (Seniors, 14-16) and Farah Rizwan (Elite, 16-18).

39 students have also received Gold Awards this year, recognising achievement within the top 10% of their year group nationally. The students listed below may now progress on to the Oxford University Computing Challenge (OUCC) next term in January 2024.

A huge congratulations to all our Sutton High School participants for attempting this year’s BEBRAS Computational Thinking Challenge 2023!


2023 BEBRAS Gold Awards 

Juniors (10-12) 7A Narthana Venukoban
Juniors (10-12) 7A Flora Wood
Juniors (10-12) 7A Lily Wren
Juniors (10-12) 7A Rosanna Nunes
Juniors (10-12) 7B Darcy Cartwright
Juniors (10-12) 7C Emily Avila
Juniors (10-12) 7C Eliza Prawdziak
Juniors (10-12) 7D Beatrice Bouwer
Juniors (10-12) 7E Danielle Larbie
Inters (12-14) 8A Claudia Brown
Inters (12-14) 8A Sophia Halstead
Inters (12-14) 8A Amelie Morgan
Inters (12-14) 8B Alexis Chan
Inters (12-14) 8B Isabella Patel
Inters (12-14) 8C Jasmine Mozaffar
Inters (12-14) 8D Ruth Bearman
Inters (12-14) 8D Christie Costigan
Inters (12-14) 8E Eleanor Webster
Inters (12-14) 9A Emilia Bouwer
Inters (12-14) 9A Sophia Cheung
Inters (12-14) 9A Agatha Kempny
Inters (12-14) 9A Kaitlyn Lee
Inters (12-14) 9A Emily Furnell
Inters (12-14) 9A Emily Hines-Carey
Inters (12-14) 9A Ella Kleinman
Inters (12-14) 9A Alice Cumming
Inters (12-14) 9A Lucy Furness
Inters (12-14) 9A Jenny Chan
Inters (12-14) 9C Hannah Farr
Inters (12-14) 9C Valerie Chen
Inters (12-14) 9D Eleanor Ho
Inters (12-14) 9D Niamh Martin
Inters (12-14) 9E Katy Shovelton
Inters (12-14) 9E Iris Chan
Inters (12-14) 9E Stephanie de Florimonte
Seniors (14-16) 10G Gayeong Yoon
Seniors (14-16) 11C Hayley Luk
Seniors (14-16) 11C Holly Bai
Seniors (14-16) 11D Ella Buckley

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