Festival of Sport 2024 takes place

On Thursday 18th April, the pupils of Year 6 were lucky enough to participate in the Festival of Sport. Students from other schools were also invited and it was great to meet new people. We all cheered each other on and made new friends in each activity. Throughout the day, we experienced three different sports.

The sessions available were:

· Water Polo

· Handball

· Volleyball

· Parkour

· Dance

· Jujitsu

My three choices were parkour, handball and dance. I chose parkour because I personally really enjoy it and I’d like to get better at it. We co-operated in groups, learnt how to do specific jumps and how to do a safety roll. I hadn’t tried handball before but I thought I might as well give it a go and ended up really enjoying it and worked well with my team. I absolutely love dance so I decided to end off my day with a session of dance. Our dance teacher, Miss Lee, taught us a street dance routine and let us get creative by allowing us to choreograph our own ending!

Something that we loved about the sessions, whether we were experienced or completely new to the sport, was that we all had fun and learnt something new. At the end of the day certificates were handed out and we all congratulated each other. It was certainly a phenomenal experience and it wouldn’t have happened without our amazing PE staff, who put together the spectacular event. Thank you.

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