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We have a team of specialist, expert staff who ensure that all our students maximise their potential, both inside the classroom and beyond. They know and celebrate our girls as individuals, love their work and teach with joy.

Senior Leadership Team

Head Mrs Beth Dawson, BA London
Head of Prep School Miss A Musgrove, BA (Ed) Warwick 
Deputy Head of Prep School Mrs C Halliday, BA Surrey
Director of Pastoral Care Ms E Clark, BSc (Econ) Southampton
Director of Studies Dr S Lawlor-Price, PhD Southampton, BA Oxford
Director of Learning & Outreach Mrs J Ward, BSc Westminster, MSB
Director of Finance & Operations Mr N. McMahon, MIWFM

Senior School

Ms A Baboolall, BSc London Metropolitan (Computer Science and DT)
Dr O Bartalini, PhD Università degli Studi di Trento (Physics)
Mrs E Berner, BA Southampton, D.C.G. (Careers)
Ms N Bhogal, PG Dip Leicester (Mathematics)
Mrs J Binet, MA Edinburgh (SENCO/History)
Miss M Brandon, BA Royal Holloway (Spanish and French)
Mrs S Cartwright, MA Royal College of Art (Art)
Mrs E Clark, BSc (Econ) Southampton (Business Studies and Economics)
Mr C Coles, BA Kingston, MA UCL (History)
Miss F Cook, MA Glasgow (Geography)
Mrs K Crouch, BSc Leicester (Biology)
Mrs J Davies, BA Durham (Classics)
Mrs B Dawson, BA London (Drama)
Mrs A Drewniak-Davis, MA Westminster (EAL)
Miss Z Dunn, BSc London (Mathematics)
Dr U Ekwue, MA London, BEd Jos Nigeria, MEd Ibadan (Psychology)
Ms S Fillingham, MA Oxford, MA London (Modern Languages)
Mrs K de Florimonte, BSc Durham (Mathematics)
Dr R Gale, DPhil Oxford, BSc Surrey (Biology)
Mrs B Goode, MA London, BSc Liverpool Polytechnic (Science)
Mr P Grant, BA (Ed) Loughborough (DT)
Mr J Hargraves, BMus Royal Holloway (Music)
Mrs H Harvey, BA Birmingham (English)
Miss A Hatchwell, MSc London, BSc East Anglia (Geography)
Mrs L Hobbs, BA Oxford (English)
Mrs S James, BA Wales (History)
Mrs A Jenkins, BSc London (Biology)
Dr P Johonnett, BSc Sheffield Hallam (Chemistry)
Mrs S Knight, BSc York*, MA St Mary's (Mathematics)
Mrs S Lawlor, BA Wolverhampton (Modern Languages)
Dr S Lawlor-Price, PhD Southampton, BA Oxford (Chemistry)
Mrs A Lim, BSc London (Chemistry)
Mrs J Luck, BA Bristol (Music)
Mrs S Mannix, BA Leicester School of Graphic Design, MA London (Design)
Ms S Manser, BSc Birmingham (PE)
Mrs L Mapstone, BA University of California (PSHCE)
Mrs F Morley (Swimming)
Mrs H Murphy, BA Southampton Solent (PE)
Ms S Norman, MA London, BA Brunel (DT)
Mr T Parkins, BA Essex, BA Open University, MA Warwick (English)
Miss H Patterson, BA Oxford Brookes (PSHCE)
Mrs J Peel, BA Kent (English)
Mrs F Perks, BSc Birmingham (Biology)
Mr G Pettitt, BA St Mary's (PE)
Mrs E Russell, BA Birmingham (Religious Studies)
Mrs A Sawney, BA Exeter (Drama)
Mrs J Speck, BA London (Religious Studies)
Dr M Symons, BSc Durham, PhD (Mathematics)
Mr J Telford, MSc Oxford (Physics)
Mrs S Thomas, BA Sussex (Modern Languages/Religious Studies)
Mr T Thomas BSc, Hatfield Polytechnic (Computing)
Mrs J Ward, BSc Westminster, MSB (Biology)
Mr D Walter, MSc Durham (Economics/Politics)
Mrs A Williamson-Jones, BSc Loughborough, MSc Leicester (Physical Education)
Mr J-P Winter, BA Northumbria at Newcastle (Graphic Design)
Mrs L Worrall, BA English, Leeds (English)

Prep School

Leadership team

Head of Prep School Miss A Musgrove, BA (Ed) Warwick
Deputy Head Mrs C Halliday, BA Surrey
Director of Pastoral Care Mrs N Gunn, BEd Kingston

Teaching staff

Mrs L Cockett, BA Greenwich 
Mrs K Crook, BA Chichester
Mrs F Dale, BHum London
Miss S Delany, BA Canterbury
Mrs A Donald, BSc Cardiff*
Miss K Faulkner, BA London
Mrs N Gunn, BEd Kingston
Mrs C Halliday, BA Surrey
Miss R Hargrave BEd, MA Greenwich
Mrs T Hill, BEd Durham
Miss A Jackson, BA London Southbank
Mrs A Knight, BSc Surrey
Mrs K Lawton, BA (Ed) Exeter
Miss A Musgrove, BA (Ed) Warwick
Mr J Rodrigues, BA Reading
Mrs A Roul
Mrs E Ruiz, BEd Leeds
Mrs R Sewell, BA Birmingham
Mrs D Thomas, BEd London
Mrs R White, BEd Durham
Mrs J Williams, BA Sheffield
Miss K Wiseman, BA Oxford
Miss L Woodward, BSc Portsmouth

Teaching support staff

Mrs K Bell, Cover Supervisor
Miss N Boakes, Wraparound Care Assistant
Mrs E Burke, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs V Carpenter, Lunchtime Supervisor Team Leader and Extra-curricular Supervisor
Mrs M Chatterjee, Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss C Edwards, Teaching Assistant
Mrs E Ellingham, Wraparound Care Deputy Manager
Mrs J Gelling, Lunchtime Supervisor and Wraparound Care Assistant
Mrs C Jackson, Teaching Assistant
Mr T McDowell, Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Murphy, Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Murray, Wraparound Care Manager
Miss L Ocran, Teaching Assistant
Mrs A Shrimpton, Wraparound Care Assistant
Mrs A Spray, Teaching Assistant
Miss L Stanton, Medical Manager
Miss E Vincent, Wraparound Care Assistant

Administrative staff

Mrs I Asokkumar, Data Officer & Administrator
Mrs G Stubbs, PA to the Head of Prep School
Mrs J White, Admissions Officer

The school has such a friendly, nurturing environment. All the staff know every girl's name.

Year 6 parent