What an award-winning week for Tharani!

It has been a busy week for our year 9 student Tharani who has been was awarded the “Young Inspiration” award at the Sudari Awards ceremony on 27/01/2024.

The Sudari Awards recognise and reward female leaders for their continuous commitment to excellence, best practice, innovation and charity work.  Tharani was recognised for her accomplishments in music, chess, public speaking, swimming and contribution to charity.  The award was presented to Tharani by Dr Sabesan, OBE, President of PervasID and Fellow at Cambridge University.

On Sunday, 18th of February, Tharani was also awarded Gold at the Surrey Chess Tournament, successfully winning four out of five gruelling rounds against all boy-opponents in her category. In the same week, Tharani was also honoured (with yellow shawl) by Sutton Councillors at the Tamil Heritage Event organised by Sutton Council.  What a week!


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