Livia earns her Black Belt in Chi Combat!

Over the past 3 and a half years, Livia has dedicated herself to training in Chi Combat, a comprehensive martial art that combines elements of karate, kickboxing and jujitsu.

Livia is thrilled to announce that she has recently earned her in Black Belt Chi Combat. This accomplishment represents countless hours of hard work, discipline and perseverance. Chi Combat has not only improved her physical fitness but has also instilled valuable life skills such as focus, respect and self-confidence.

As a student at Sutton High School, Livia is grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from teachers and peers. She believes that my martial arts journey has positively influenced my academic performance and overall character development and is honored to share this achievement with the school community. Livia is looking forward to continuing my martial arts journey alongside my academic pursuits.


Livia H (5P)

Sutton High Prep School

86 Grove Road, Sutton,
Surrey, SM1 2AL
T. 020 8225 3072

Sutton High Senior School

55 Cheam Road, Sutton,
Surrey, SM1 2AX
T. 020 8642 0594