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A day in the life

Hello, my name is Lillie, I am in Year 3. I have been at Sutton High Prep School since Nursery and I love it! I know all about the school, especially as I have got a big sister in Year 5.

Drop off


Some days I get the school minibus, but today my mum is taking me to Explorers wraparound care before she goes to work. We have delicious breakfast here with porridge, toast, yoghurt, fruit, cereal and juice. I always look forward to choosing what to eat!



Our assemblies are really different each day and I always talk about them with my friends afterwards. Sometimes we learn about Prep School Super Powers, which help us to be better learners. Class assemblies are on Fridays and parents come to these too.



I have guitar lessons every week at school with a really nice teacher. This year I have played in Year 3’s musical recital to our parents and in the Christmas concert in front of hundreds of people! My Grade 2 exam is coming up soon, so I am nervous but excited.



In Maths we are using iPads and trying to solve as many questions as fast as we can. The teachers tell us not to worry too much about making mistakes. If I keep trying I will get it right in the end. We love using iPads and in Year 4 we get one each.



Then it's break time and I go outside to run around with my friends. There is plenty of space to play and we have so much fun in the garden and on the big green field. We have Sports Day soon so today we are practising races.



In Science we’re making mini water cycles in the laboratory. Did you know that we drink the same water as the dinosaurs drank? Year 5 have Science in the Senior School with teachers in white coats. I can’t believe the experiments they get to do, and I can’t wait to try them!



Lunchtime. The cooks are so nice and help us choose what to have but I don’t need any help deciding when there’s roast dinner. It is SO tasty. After lunch today we have Street Dance Club which is exciting because we are performing at the Gym and Dance Display soon.



In English we discuss vocabulary, answer comprehension questions and write our own creative thoughts. It’s nearly World Book Day, when we dress up as our favourite book characters. We’re all really excited about our costumes, and the surprise guest author in assembly!



Swimming is my favourite activity in PE. We are lucky enough to have our own pool and I have spent a lot of time here since Nursery. The swimming teachers are so good. We play really fun games to help us learn so you don’t even notice you are getting stronger and faster.



I check my homework diary, pack my bag and shake my teacher’s hand. It’s the end of lessons but not the end of the day. There are so many clubs going on and sports fixtures against other schools. I am off to Chess Club to get ready for a tournament at the weekend.

Tops and Tails


Then I go back to Explorers (wraparound care). When I have finished eating my tomato pasta I run out to join my friends in the sun outside where we are planting seeds in pots. I have so much fun here. Mum and dad say it’s hard to drag me away!