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A day in the life

Hello! My name is Sienna and I'm going to tell you all about what happens in my day at Nursery and why I love it here!

Nursery girls walking with Anne and Lucy

8:25am - Breakfast

I have my breakfast at Explorers and then walk over to my classroom with my friends.

Nursery form time

8:35am - Form Time

Just checking in and seeing what I will be doing today!

Swimming pool

8:50am - Swimming

I change into my purple costume and jump into the shallow end of the pool! I can swim!

Nursery writing

9:30am - Phonics

I know my letter sounds and I write a note to my friend.

Nursery Sienna

10:10am - Break

I eat my apple, chat to my friends and then... It is time to jump onto my trike and zoom, off I go!

Nursery maths

10:30am - Numeracy

I love maths, I learn my numbers every day.

Nursery and Buddy

11:10am - Buddy Time

Miss Musgrove brings our school dog, Buddy, over to see us. He is so soft and really friendly.

Nursery with Anne

11:50am - Lunch

We skip down to the lunch hall and eat our tasty lunch. Food at Nursery is very yummy.

Nursery paleontologists

12:30pm - Breathe the Wild Air

Now it is time for exploring outside. Today we are paleontologists!

Nursery big sisters

1:10pm - Big Sisters Little Sisters

This is my favourite time and I see my Year 5 Big Sister to read stories or play fun games on the iPad.

Nursery incy wincy spider

1:50pm - Break

Incy Wincy Spider! I watch him fall down the waterspout, whoosh!

Nursery painting

2:15pm - Art

Look - it's my friend Robin's picture of me!

Nursery - story

2:55pm - Story

Giraffes Can't Dance... story time with Mrs Durrant. This story makes me laugh!

Nursery girls running

3:15pm - Home

I have so much fun every day, doing lots of different things.