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A day in the life

Hello and welcome to our Nursery! We're going to tell you all about what happens in our day at Nursery and why we love it here!

Nursery Breakfast and Walk

8:25am - Breakfast

We have our breakfast at Explorers and then walk over to our classroom with our friends.

Form Time

8:35am - Form Time

Just checking in and seeing what we will be doing today!

Swimming pool

8:50am - Swimming

We change into our purple costumes and jump into the shallow end of the pool! We can swim!

Nursery writing

9:30am - Phonics

I know my letter sounds and I write a note to my friend.

Nursery Break Time

10:10am - Break

I eat my apple, chat and play with my friends. There are trikes, climbing frames and lots more!

Nursery Maths

10:30am - Numeracy

I love maths, I learn my numbers every day.

Buddy School Photo

11:10am - Buddy Time

Miss Musgrove brings our school dog, Buddy, over to see us. He is so soft and really friendly. Look! He even had his own school picture taken!

Nursery Running

11:50am - Lunch

We skip down to the lunch hall and eat our tasty lunch. Food at Nursery is very yummy.

Breathe the Wild Air

12:30pm - Breathe the Wild Air

Now it is time for exploring outside. Today we are paleontologists!

Nursery Big Sisters Little Sisters

1:10pm - Big Sisters Little Sisters

This is my favourite time and we see our Year 5 big sisters to read stories or play fun games on the iPad.

Nursery incy wincy spider

1:50pm - Break

Incy Wincy Spider! I watch him fall down the waterspout, whoosh!

Nursery painting

2:15pm - Art

Look - it's my friend Robin's picture of me!

Nursery Story Time

2:55pm - Story

At the Vet...time for a story!

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3:15pm - Home

We have so much fun every day, doing lots of different things.