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Stepping Up to Reception

Nursery girls are guaranteed a place

Our Nursery girls have an automatic place in our Reception class, meaning they will be staying in a familiar environment with faces they already know, making that transition a little easier.

Becoming part of the Sutton High family

Our girls benefit from interacting with older students and taking part in whole school House events. The wonderful 'Big Sister, Little Sister' scheme means they will have someone looking out for them, giving them the confidence they need in the step up to Reception.

We take time to learn about our girls

Before girls start in Reception, our teachers complete a home visit to get to know her, listen to her about her interests and understanding how she learns.

Learning to embrace a challenge

Alongside our fantastic curriculum, we teach our girls all about the power of a Growth Mindset and our Prep School 'Super Learning Powers' so they develop their resilience and creativity. When faced with a task, our girls say "I can't do it...yet!"