Review by Emily S – A trip of a lifetime to Andalucia!

My time in Spain was very fun. We had a wonderful itinerary full of amazing places. My favourite was probably the Alhambra palace where there were breathtaking views and gardens full of plants and flowers. The palace itself was also amazing – it felt unreal! Another top contender for me was the Nerja caves where we had a professional explanation of how they were formed, when and other facts about cavemen and the paintings they left behind. When we went into the caves my jaw dropped as it was the biggest cave I have ever seen and with so many natural structures inside like stalactites and columns! Afterwards we also had a really great time in a VR experience, where we were given a virtual tour of the private parts of the cave where the ancient paintings were. Overall it was a great and educational experience which was a once in a lifetime sort of trip!

Written by Emily S – Year 9

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