South Asian Heritage Week at Sutton High celebrates the diverse cultures and heritages that make us unique

Throughout the week-long celebration, our school organised a variety of engaging events, including an assembly, a captivating fashion show, and an energetic disco.

Participating in the assembly provided a unique opportunity for me and fellow students to share our South Asian culture and traditions with the entire school community. As we each took our turn in the assembly, it became a platform to educate our peers, offering insights into our personal stories and cultural practices. Individuals shared heartfelt anecdotes and expressed their deep appreciation for various aspects of their cultures. In doing so, we collectively contributed to breaking down preconceived notions and fostering a more nuanced understanding of South Asian identity.

The South Asian Fashion Show was a dynamic platform, empowering students to show off the wonderful fabrics of their cultural fashion. The fusion of music, style, and personal expression was appreciated by the diverse audience.

Mushy’s Disco provided a lively setting where students, irrespective of age, came together to share their mutual love for cultural music. In the rhythmic beats and vibrant melodies, students found a common ground to connect. It became a space where everyone could let loose, dance and thoroughly enjoy themselves.

Sutton High School fosters an atmosphere where students can genuinely embrace their true selves, share the richness of their cultural traditions, and express their individuality without inhibition. Within these supportive walls, we are encouraged to navigate and express our unique identity, contributing to a dynamic and diverse tapestry that enriches the entire school community.

By Zoha

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