Space Technology Programme: Sutton High Students receive their Diploma

3 July 2023

Sutton High students were joined by Space Tech Students from other GDST schools to receive their Diplomas and dialogue with professionals and leaders from the space industry, cloud and quantum computing. Keynote presentations were given by guest industry engineer speakers from Amazon Web Services, NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre and Cranfield University.

Sutton High students also participated in a cross trust collaborative activity that used the skills from this year’s course to design and develop an environmental solution using an Earthshot action which they presented in a live viva and successfully defended to prestigious collection of international industry leaders and research professionals from My NASA Data, NASA Impact, NASA Goddard, NASA Develop, NASA GES DISC, NASA Power, Capgemini and the University of Toledo leading for GLOBE Mission EARTH.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nicola Buttigieg and formally acknowledge her outstanding work as a leader of this programme. Her tireless energy, enthusiasm and hard work has added dimensions to this educational opportunity that far surpasses anything currently on offer in the field of computer science for this age group. Her work is unprecedented and we are extremely fortunate to have an educator with this level of expertise who is willing to go above and beyond to share her knowledge and connections with space industry professionals with staff and students in the GDST.

Given the success of this year’s cohort we hope that Sutton High School will participate in the 2024 GDST Space Technology programme which has been designed for greater flexibility and accessibility for students and teachers.

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