Sustainability at Sutton – Issue #3 

As part of the Kaleidoscope programme, students begin by visually representing the world around them through the lens of climate change.  In looking at the United Nationals Sustainable Development goals, students have prepared the following dioramas.  This is what they have written about their group project.

Group 1 – Jojo R, Amelie M, Eleanor W, Evie J

The background of our diorama represents what the world could look like if we change our attitudes towards the environment and what it will look like if we don’t. The clock represents that time is running out. On the left side of the clock you can see the numbers on the clock whereas on the right there are no numbers left meaning time has run out. There are handprints under the side where time has run out.

Group 2 – Sarah, Sophia and Flo

Our diorama represents the plastic in our ocean and how much there really is.  This needs to change quickly.

Group 3 – Oliva, Yukyung and Akila

This is the future that we want, a future filled with Nature.

Group 4 – Hillary, Tiffany and Jess

Our project is trying to show the contrasts between the world we want it to be and how our world is going to end up if we don’t start taking care of our environment.  The quote on the top, It’s now or never, is trying to tell others that if we don’t take action now, then there will be no going back.

Group 5 – Iona, Eva and Kaitlyn

Our diorama is about our dream utopia.  It includes a beach, some houses and a bridge.  We had a lot of fun making it.

Group 6 – Ameerah, Bella and Onya

Our diorama is inspired by forest fires.  The wood on the bottom represents sticks and the pictures of the leaves symbolise the forest and the red represents the fire.

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