Sutton High Student Mentors take the lead at GDST Space Tech Sensor Computing Workshop

Last week, students pursuing the GDST’s flagship Space Technology Diploma programme hosted by Sutton High School, were offered the hands-on opportunity to explore coding challenges using Raspberry Pi computer board sensors and Pi mini cameras to collect local environmental data for AI computer vision and predictive regression processing. 40 sixth-formers and 11 teachers from cross-Trust GDST schools travelled into central London to engage in the experiential learning event at GDST Trust Office, which formed a part of their annual diploma assessment, in conjunction with weekly diploma online lectures and tutorials. The proactive event also provided an excellent opportunity for GDST sixth-form students and teachers to meet and collaborate in person, following progressive online preparation tasks in the lead up to the event.

As past diploma students from the hosting school, Farah Rizwan and Priya Chaudhuri from Sutton High School did the GDST proud as interactive student mentors, supporting GDST diploma candidate students as they participated in the day’s physical computing and data analysis activities, whilst further reinforcing their own coding skills. The day’s event successfully served to prep the students for their upcoming end-of-programme student conference in May, which will involve group practical task assessments and coding portfolio viva voce presentations before an industry panel.

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