Sutton High Students come 3rd place at Satrofest!

Our KS3 problem solving team qualified for the Satro problem solving finals and placed 3rd overall, which took place at the Royal Holloway. The challenge was to build a transportation device to lift bricks from the floor to the judging table.

We were given an eggbox, string, tape, 2 straws, 2 wooden dowels, yellow paper, paperclips and blue tack and all groups are given the same equipment. With all these supplies, we built our device and transported 15 out of 20 bricks successfully. Also, each supply had its own carbon measurement and we had to try to get as few carbon emissions as possible starting on 100. Our team managed to score 56. The overall theme for the challenge was zero hunger and the bricks represented food packages.

Overall, we all had a great time and it really challenged out skillsets in the best way possible.

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