The Week in Prep


In Reception, we enjoyed reading The Gingerbread Man and acting out parts of the story. We considered which part of the story was the most detrimental, leading to his downfall. We decided the moment the Gingerbread Man came to the river was his trickiest obstacle, so we designed and made rafts to help him along safe and sound. It was so much fun testing out our rafts and seeing if they floated.

Year 2

Hats off to Year 2 this week who have been ever so creative this week.

‘A piece of magic is a hat’ said Martha Sliter, and the classroom was full of magic as we created a designer hat for our Teddy Bears. The lesson began with a look at all of the different kinds of hats and what they may be used for. We then had to choose our favourite style and we used that to inspire our own designs which we shall be working on over the next few weeks.

Complementing this design, we used our work on recycling and plastic in the ocean to create some magical plastic fish. We had great fun squashing bottles into fish shapes and then painting them. We have been so shocked to see the amount of pollution in our world and the impact it has had on the wildlife. 2S presented us with so many fascinating facts in their wonderful assembly.

As Easter is just around the corner Year 2 took great delight in looking at the symbolism of food at this Christian celebration. We are not sure how much of the true significance of the foods that they remembered, but boy did they enjoy eating hot cross buns, pancakes and how could we possibly forget the joy of munching on chocolate eggs at this time of the year? Learning is never dull.

Year 4

Can you fix it? Year 4 recently enjoyed creating faults in their circuits for others to fix.

Year 6

This half term, Year 6 have begun their Eminent Women Project. Each girl in Year 6 has chosen a woman who is inspirational to them to complete their project on. So far, we have written a biography about our eminent woman, explaining their adventurous life story. We focused our research on their early life, careers, education and how they became well known. We have also used our creativity to create a shield which represents our eminent woman and their personal life. We are really enjoying this project so far. We have already learnt a lot about our chosen woman and are looking forward to doing more research on them.

By Amaya and Anou 6P


Amaya – My eminent woman is Maria Montessori and she is inspirational to me because she loved school so much that she disguised herself as a boy in order to attend school (when she was growing up girls could only do a few years of school and she found this very unfair).


Mya – My eminent woman is Dara Torres. She is inspirational to me because she is a swimmer like me and she is a 12 time Olympic medallist. She retired just after winning a gold medal at the age of 41. She was the oldest swimmer to make the US Olympic team.


Melek – My eminent woman is Jacinda Ardern and she is inspirational to me because she became prime minister of New Zealand at a young age and was a fierce female leader.


Eliza – My eminent woman is Hollie Pearne–Web and she is inspirational to me because she plays hockey like me (in the same position and for the same club) and by the age of 33 she had won 9 hockey medals (2 of which are Olympic medals). She also captains the GB women’s hockey team.


Esther – My eminent woman is Frida Kahlo. She is inspiration to me because she overcame a lot of personal tragedies. She was diagnosed with Polio at the age of 6 and was also involved in a serious car accident. However, she did not give up and because a successful artist and inspired me to start drawing portraits.


Anou – My eminent woman is Dr. James Barry and she is inspirational to me because she went undercover as a man to do the thing she loved: medicine. James also helped everyone who was sick, not only the rich. She gave Cape Town a better water system and more.

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