The Week in Prep

Year 1

Year 1 showed their resilience by persevering with drawing trees from life in the changeable April weather!  We had looked very carefully at the shapes of the trunks and branches of different types of trees.  We also experimented with ways of drawing the leaves of the trees without having to draw every single leaf – which would have taken far too long!  We used sketching techniques to draw the main part of the tree and then used the side of our pencils to show the leaves.  We tried to show the patterns on the bark too.

Year 1 have also been busy planting their ‘chitted’ seed potatoes in their Breathe the Wild Air Lesson.  In February put our seed potatoes in a dark cupboard so that they could ‘chit’.  Some of the roots had really grown long!  We put compost in pots and then carefully planted our potatoes.  We will be watching them carefully as they grow and then look forward to harvesting them in the autumn.


Year 3

Y3 have been learning a lot in Science! Topics included light and ark, where the girls tested the transparency of objects. They also learn about contact forces such as friction and non-contact forces like magnetism. In our attempts to understand the different methods of seed dispersal, we acted out being blown about, eaten, exploding, floating, falling, sticking to animals.


Year 5

This week Year 5 spent some time experimenting with multilink cubes, visualising images on paper with concrete (or plastic!) resources. The shapes were quite complex but we had fun creating them using our skills of collaboration, after predicting the number of cubes we would use. We were then able to build on this practical experience and work out strategies to count the cubes in more complicated diagrams, without the need to construct them beforehand.


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