The Week in Prep


Life in Nursery is always so exciting! We loved spending time with Peggy and Mrs Ruiz when they came to visit us and we found out more about looking after a pet. We also went to Nower Wood and found out more about minibeasts. We showed lots of curiosity and it was great to observe creatures closely under a magnifying glass. As we are so interested in animals, our ‘Challenge Morning’ task was to create a habitat for an animal. We worked with a partner and used any resources around the classroom to create a habitat for an animal of our own choosing. We had to work collaboratively and with resilience, but we all completed the challenge and we were proud of our achievements. We have also been exploring the school and met the catering manager, Antonio, who kindly helped us to make gingerbread men and he showed us around the school kitchens where our delicious lunches are prepared each day.

Year 1

Year 1 had a wet but fun time planting out bulbs in Grow Grove as part of their Breathe the Wild Air lessons.  They are looking forward to seeing the bulbs grow and flower in the spring with blast of bright colours!  They had to be careful to dig a hole deep enough for the bulbs and make sure the bulb was put in the right way up!

As part of their Humanities study on castles and knights, Year 1 made their own heraldic shields.  When a knight was dressed in his armour he could not be recognised so they began to paint unique combinations of colours, shapes and animals, called their ‘arms’, on their shields. Every knights arms was different.  Colours were chosen to represent qualities, such as red for strength or purple for royalty.  The animals also represented characteristics of each knight too, such as lions for bravery or dogs for faithfulness.  Year 1 enjoyed choosing colours, designs and animals for their own heraldic shield to represent their families.

Year 3

Y3 have been learning a lot about water, where it comes from, how it is cleaned including the filtration process. We experimented with filtering out sediment and debris from dirty water. The girls made filters using a funnel, filter paper and a cup. They watched the colour of the water change as the experiment progressed. There was a big discussion about whether the water was safe to drink after we had filtered it out and we concluded that it would have to be treated to kill any bacteria as well as adding chlorine. They really enjoyed this experiment!

Year 5

Year 5 visited the Royal Observatory in Greenwich recently, as part of our Science work on Earth and Space. We took part in a Discovery Day, which included a Planetarium show (Universe on your Doorstep) and a workshop about the phases and eclipses of the Moon. The day ended at the Prime Meridian line that runs through the Meridian Courtyard. This was particularly interesting to see as we have been discussing time zones in our topic on Australia. It was definitely a day of discoveries, as we learnt so many fascinating facts!

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