The Week in Prep

Year 2

In Year 2 this week, we have been very excited to start our new learning journey. Inspired by our focus text for the term ‘Leaf’ by ‘Sandra Dieckmann’, we created chalk drawings of the main character, a polar bear who has found himself washed up in a wild wood. We used chalk on black paper to draw the polar bear’s face. We explored different ways to create the texture of fur by using the chalk on its side, creating short lines, or cross hatching. We left spaces for the eyes, nose and mouth for the black paper to show through. We found this technique quite challenging and had to use our Superpowers of resilience and perseverance. We enjoyed looking at each other’s work, as all our polar bears were completely different.

In Year 2 we love to explore and what may be more fun that experimenting with different materials based on their properties.

We considered what it would be like if the tables were made of jelly, or the chairs were chocolate!
Messy! So, we chose paper, wood and cardboard to construct three tables for our dolls. We then tested them – fairly of course – and the winner was ….. cardboard!

We used many Superpowers to help us through this challenge, including resilience, focus, creativity and good old collaboration.

Year 4

During Autumn Term, girls in Year 4 were learning how to make Pop-Up Books. With each new week, the girls learnt to make a new mechanism and decide which of these to put into their own book. The girls worked in teams of four, working on a page each. Here are the final books.

Year 6

Year 6 took part inWW2 day, and it was a wonderful, adventurous, historic day for the whole of Year 6. We had such fun doing many different activities such as dancing, acting, and dressing up in WW2 themed clothing! A few days before, we had a talk with the lady called Sue James who oversaw the school archives. She showed us pictures, poems and stories written by the Sutton High School girls during WW2. Many of us also enjoyed our Humanities lessons leading up to the special day.

Everyone in our year especially loved the swing dancing session as it was something different and a really nice activity to start the exciting experience with. Our instructor showed us how to be more energetic and expressive with dance moves!

In our weekly Drama lesson, we acted scenes where we pretended to be evacuees on a train being evacuated to the country with our friends. This really helped to feel what it was like to be evacuated and taken away from our family. We used the knowledge of what we had learnt in our Humanities lessons to make it feel especially realistic. All our Drama lessons are amazing but this one felt special.

During WW2 day everybody in Y6 was dressed up as a person from WW2. All the costumes were amazing, whether they were homemade or not. There was a variety of costumes such as evacuees, soldiers and even a spy! We took pictures of our costumes along with our ‘Make Do and Mend’ projects. This was homework we had set for us where we had to turn an old piece of clothing or something that was going to go to waste, into something new!
We hope you enjoyed stepping into the WW2 experience with us! We hope it will carry on being as amazing for many more years! We also want to say a huge thanks to our teachers for making WW2 day extremely special!

By Charlotte H & Aisha M (6H)

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