The Week in Prep


This week, Reception have been learning all about the Lunar New Year. We decorated the classroom with beautiful red decorations and even set up a Chinese restaurant. The girls tried using chopsticks to eat noodles – it was very tricky!

Year 2

Year 2 have had a very cultural week this week. 2P had their delightful assembly about looking after the world and each other by talking and listening to each other. Who still has that song in their heads – ‘We can live as one?’ There were some fabulous soloists including Devasena’s enchanting singing, Saransa’s delightful piano playing and a fabulous tune, on the saxophone no less, from Arya. Such talented girls! Good luck to 2S who are busy rehearsing for their assembly after half term.

The Spring 140 celebration was a true joy and the girls have been working so hard to learn all of those songs too.

Thursday saw us off for a bit of culture looking at ‘Mathematics and Art’ in the Victoria and Albert Museum. The girls created a symmetrical tile design and were a delight to take out of school. We are definitely ready for our February break and then we will be back, re-charged and ready to do it all again.


Year 3

This week in Prep school, we have been celebrating Children’s Mental Health Week and this years theme ‘ My Voice Matters’. ‘My voice matters’ teaches us that your voice is important, you can use it to talk about your feelings, worries or anything else you want to share.

In Sutton High School, we believe that anyone can change the world with their voice and it is ok not to be ok. This week we role-played and practised what to say when we want our voice to be heard and who we could share this with.

In Year Three, we read a book called ‘ Speak Up’ and it was about a girl called Rocket that saved a library from closing by speaking up. It taught us that by speaking up we can do anything and we are the future.

By: Sooha and Eliana – 3P


Quotes ‘ I believe that all voices should be heard because children have the right to do extraordinary things.’ Sophie W 4S

‘ Talking about mental health is really important and you need to look after yourself.’ Olivia L 4S

‘ In class, we have learnt who to talk to when we are worried or want to express ourself.’ Amelia and Harriet M 4S

Year 6

Melody, Aisha, Olivia, Esther, Bea, Abi, Hannah, Poppy and Georgie from Year 6 have been selected to represent Sutton High Prep in the GDST ‘We Are One’ project.

‘We can’t wait to start helping our environment with pupils from other GDST schools.  The ‘We Are One’ project looks at making a change to help our environment and we all had to write down why we would be good in this role.  We are very grateful to have been chosen and look forward to using our superpowers of collaboration, empathy and curiosity.’

By Melody, Aisha and Olivia 6H

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