Year 6 learn DR ABC in First Aid

Carly, who works at Daisy First Aid came to teach us about First Aid and safety. First, she told us what to do if someone has an accident and seriously injures themselves. If this happened, we were told to immediately call 999 and go through DR ABC.

D: check for any danger like electric wires or something you might trip on. R: try to get a response from the causality to see if they are conscience. A: lift the casualty’s chin up to clear their airway. B: listen into their breath for ten seconds to hear if they are breathing. Also put your cheeks on top their mouth for any signs of breathing – you could also see if their chest is rising. C: if they aren’t replying perform CPR until the ambulance arrives.

The 999 callers will ask you where you are, so be ready with that information. If you don’t know, you can use an app or website called ‘What Three Words’. It will tell you three words that link to your location and you should tell the 999 callers what they are, for example: ‘onion, cat, potato’.  If the casualty is not breathing, the ambulance will come quicker.

Later, we got into groups with rubber mannequins and practiced our CPR on them. To help pump air into their lungs, we connected our hands together by linking our fingers and, using the heel of our hands, we gave 30 sharp chest compressions followed by 2 respiratory breaths. If they didn’t start to breathe, we should continue this prosses until the ambulance comes. We all received a chance to try this ourselves. We learnt so much from this afternoon and we now feel like confident First Aiders.

By Melia T, Elizabeth N, Tanvi S, and Charlotte P.

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