Year 7 work with micro:bit computers!

In Year 7 we have been working on coding micro:bit computers.

They have coded a rock, paper, scissors game and today they sent that code to these mini computers and could play against one another. Lots of fun! Pupils have accessed a variety of skills in the following areas:

  • They have gained practical skills for creating, testing, and transferring code to micro:bits.
  • They understand that computers need instructions in a sequence, also known as algorithms, and that these are written as programs in code, a language the computer can understand.
  • They have learnt how sequences and loops can be used to make animations and control programs.
  • They have gained practical experience and understanding of inputs, outputs, and variables in real-world contexts.
  • They have learnt how logic (‘if…then’ instructions) and sensors combine to make a simple control system.
  • They have combined skills and knowledge gained through the previous lessons to create computer simulations of real-world games of chance.

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