Year 7s put their filmmaking skills to the test

Year 7s put their filmmaking skills to the test with the One Day Film School. In the morning, they learned the essentials:

  • Film History: from the early days of film to the latest in special effects
  • Fight Choreography: analysing classic fight scenes then filming their own roundhouse punch
  • Camera: learning to film like a pro, and tips and tricks to avoid common mistakes
  • Screenwriting: learning the 3 things every good script needs, how to create memorable characters (and make us care)

Then is was time for the 10 Shot Challenge: pupils worked in groups to create silent (with music) films of up to 2 minutes based on a classic narrative (eg. ’Someone is kidnapped, an attempted rescue’).

Then it was time for the 2024 Sutton High Oscars: the judges (Young Film Academy representatives) took their seats for the world premiere of pupils’ films, and to decide who would win Best Motion Picture, Best Performance and Best Technical Achievement.

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