Year 9 receive a visit from French pen pals

On the 30th of April 2024, our French pen pals visited us at school. It was a great opportunity for us to practise our French speaking and listening skills. We were able to talk to our pen pals and exchange questions and answers in French and English. Although it was difficult to translate at times, it was great fun to learn about our pen pals and discover that we had a lot in common, like our favourite foods and hobbies!

During the event, we played games, engaged, and interacted with the students from France and learnt lots about their lives, school and what they do for fun. We also exchanged email addresses, so that we can contact our pen pals in the future!

Florence, Deleena and Sam Year 9

Sutton High Prep School

86 Grove Road, Sutton,
Surrey, SM1 2AL
T. 020 8225 3072

Sutton High Senior School

55 Cheam Road, Sutton,
Surrey, SM1 2AX
T. 020 8642 0594